Lawn edgers are designed to give lawn edges especially where they meet a concrete surface or tarmac a manicured and beautifully appealing appearance. They do this by equally and neatly clipping the grass edges and digging a trench with the blade. In order to accomplish this task, the blades must be strong, sharp and durable and the overall machine must be powerful to withstand the rigors of digging hard soils and cutting long and tough grass.

For a professional looking edging results, the best lawn edgers are the walk behind models but any desired results can be achieved with any lawn edger even those that use a thin strong string instead of a blade as long as they are properly handled. Therefore, depending on the time you want to spend, how professional you want your edges to look and your other needs, there is a lawn edger that will be right for you. Here is a guide to help you get the best lawn edger that suits your needs.

How to choose the top rated Honda gas walk behind landscape edger tool in 2015

Consider the size of your yard

This is a very important consideration that you should take into account when buying a lawn edger. Edgers are usually used along gardens, driveways, sidewalks and around flower perimeters. If your property has many areas that need to be edged regularly, then you should look for a powerful edger that will require less effort to do the job. If you have smaller edging to accomplish and not on a regular base, a small edger will work best.

Electric or gas

Lawn edgers are available in either electric or gas powered models. If you need speed and power, a gas powered unit will work best for you but if you have a small lawn you should go for an electric lawn edger.

Keep in mind that gas powered edgers are loud and damaging to the environment while electric powered edgers more environmentally friendly and quitter but they can only be operated within 100 feet from the power outlet.

Your budget

Just how much are you willing to spend on your lawn edger? The more you spend the more you are likely to get a strong and durable edger. Yes, it is important to have a fixed budget when you go out looking for a lawn edger to avoid overspending, but if you get a good edger that requires you to adjust you budget, do not hesitate if you can afford it.

Three or four wheels?

If you want a powerful gas edger, you have to decide if you want one with three wheel of four wheels.

On the both edgers, the rear wheels are used to roll the machine while the front wheel guides it and keeps it in line. Four wheeled edgers are more flexible and they offer greater stability and balance that three wheeled edgers.

Two or four cycle engine?

Gas lawn edgers have two or four cycle engine. The two cycle engine are very common and they require a user to mix both oil and gas. They are less environmental friendly and very noisy. On the other hand, four cycle engine are quietly and cleanly but they are more expensive and heavier.

Angled blades

Most blades spins perpendicular to the ground. This type of blade is sufficient for normal edging jobs. More advanced edgers have angled blades that give different nice angled finishing which looks appealing around flower beds.